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Our company embodies a unique philosophy rooted in industry experience. Our operational team, comprising seasoned captains and engineers with extensive mega-yacht backgrounds, expertly merges their knowledge with overseeing administrative aspects ashore. The inspiration for this venture arose from a recognized need for heightened professionalism and transparency within the large yacht management sector.

In response to industry shortcomings, particularly concerning fair budgets between contractors and shipyards, we’ve established a distinct approach. Unlike traditional practices, we refrain from handling any payments, enhancing transparency and trust. Our commitment to personalized, client-centric service underscores our dedication to integrity.

Honesty is our cornerstone, and we prioritize maintaining 100% transparency in all financial matters. In a tightly-knit yachting community, our reputation for quality service and affordability defines our continued growth. We value flexibility, eschewing long-term contracts for vessel management, enabling clients to evaluate our services firsthand. Our clientele consistently expresses satisfaction with our approach and pricing, affirming our unique standing in the industry.

What We Offer

Management Services

Accounting Services:

  • Offshore Purser Assigned
  • Monthly statements with credit card explanations and vessel expenses (with Captain)
  • Annual budgets and cash flow management
  • Payroll statements (for permanent or temporary crew members)
  • Review and authorization of contractor budgets and estimates before owner approval
  • Biannual audits of accounting statements and inventories
  • Crew settlement letters
  • Insurance claim process


Operational Services:

  • Offshore Yacht Manager assigned
  • Management and monthly audits for ISM or SMS (safety and operating procedures)
  • Handling of CoR, Insurance, Class, Flag matters
  • Review and authorization of crew contracts by an attorney
  • Management of homeport marinas or winter berth marinas
  • Coordination with yacht transport agencies
  • Itinerary planning for owner trips or charters
  • Booking of airplane tickets for crew members (for new contracts or repatriations)
  • Crew management and placement services
  • Monitoring of crew regulations compliance
  • Assistance in maintaining minimum crew on board


Technical Advisory Services:

  • Offshore Chief Engineer assigned
  • Review of faults (with the engineer on board)
  • Management of warranties
  • Contractor evaluations
  • Project management for shipyard periods
  • Development of preventive and corrective maintenance programs
  • Support for Class and Flag surveys (with the engineer on board)
  • Refit project management
  • Assistance with bunkering and parts orders
  • Reviews and audits of engine room inventories (spare parts)
  • Commissioning of new vessels with the factory

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