Carlos Gomez


Carlos has been in the yachting industry for the better part of 22 years, in that time, he has managed to work various roles as superyacht crew, working himself all the way to the prestigious rank of Chief Engineer Unlimited. That not being enough, he later set out to become a Superyacht captain, to be more well rounded in his abilities.

Carlos now holds a 500GT captain’s license as well as his Engineering credentials. Having been so many years depending on yacht managers on-shore, which many superyachts employ, he saw many faults and deficiencies in the work that was provided, that’s what ignited his idea of becoming a yacht manager.

Now with over 5 years of management experience, along with his background, Carlos tends to a select number of clients and suppliers all over the world. Currently under management are vessels in the Mediterranean and the Americas from 24m to 60m.